New Zealand Muslim Sports Association Inc. (NZMSA) is a community based, non-profit organisation based in Auckland, New Zealand. The association was established in early 1990’s with a vision to provide physical activities to Muslim youths, while building Islamic character through sports, mainly soccer. The association has grown since inception and now caters for New Zealand Muslim community which is made of different ethnicities and background. NZMSA works closely with Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand (FIANZ) , Fanca Sports Federation (FANCA) and local mosques by providing Dawah activities to awaken and instil the spirit of Islam.

The online platform was first launched in 2011 while the association was in the able hands of an interim administration comprising of Life Members. The induction of this medium was a result of their strategic assessment and planning to restructure the internal management and operations of the association. They had envisaged to leverage the associations status and standing in for sports development for Muslim community in New Zealand while employing the Islamic principles. Foremost attention was given on transparency, accountability and productivity in serving the affiliated clubs, members, officials and players. The website aimed to present a clear presentation of association’s events; progress reports and a tool for improving player registration and transfers while eliminating obvious loopholes and bring proficiency in the general operations. A new benchmark was set by concentrating more on core objectives to bring quality recreational sports for the Muslim community.

Current administration is striving to sustain the work done by the interim administration while looking for avenues to reach new levels within the perimeter of the Aims and Objectives of NZMSA.

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